Simpson Fish are specialists in sourcing the best possible quality whole fish from the Shetland Islands. The fishing industry in Shetland is currently in the middle of an exciting period of growth.

The local fleet is expanding and modernizing in order to take advantage of the abundant fish stocks which gather around Shetland’s vast coastline.

The Shetland Islands are literally in the middle of the most prolific fishing grounds in Europe. Indeed, Shetland is the second largest whitefish landing port in the UK. We are dedicated to sourcing for our customers the finest, freshest whitefish available for the best possible value.

New Lerwick fishmarket begins to take shape

26th September 2018

Work on the new Lerwick Fishmarket at Mair’s Pier is now well underway with the frame starting to go up. It is expected that the building will be ready in early 2020.